BLU Studio X10 Launched at $49; Check out its Specifications

Check out BLU Studio X10 price in the USA/UK/Canada, release date, BLU Studio X10 specifications, pros, and cons. BLU Products refreshes with new mobiles from time to time. You can check upcoming BLU phones and the new BLU phones. After BLU G90 Pro, the Miami-based unlocked cell phone maker has unveiled an all-new BLU Studio X10 mobile phone. It has passed through FCC in the United States in March 2020. The BLU Studio X10 S970EQ is the latest BLU Phone in the Studio Series. It's yet another budget phone, priced nothing more than 50 USD. Going through the Studio X10… Read More

BLU Triple Camera Phone - BLU G9 Pro Phone Specs(Full)

Check out BLU Triple Camera Phone details i.e., BLU G9 Pro release date in US/UK/Canada, specifications, rumors and leaks. There is no stop in mobile technology development as different innovations continue to come up. From Quad-Core processor to Octa-core and now deca core, from 4 GB RAM to 6 GB, 8 GB, 10 GB and now 12 GB RAM mobiles the numbers are jumping up. The story doesn't end there as we have seen improvements in the camera department as well. From a dual camera, the latest development that we have seen in smartphone cameras is the launch of triple… Read More

Best Buy BLU V90 Specifications, Price, Pros & Cons - Online Reviews

Check out Best Buy BLU V90 price, release date, specifications, pros and cons & online BLU V90 reviews. BLU Products for Best Buy has unveiled all new V90 V0550WW smartphone. This is yet another BLU phone for Best Buy AT&T, T-Mobile and other prepaid networks in USA. The unlocked BLU V90 V0550WW is priced at $129.99. That's it, nothing more, no contract, you are free to choose your own operator. You can get this on WingTel Alpha for amazing monthly plans. Going through BLU V90 Specifications, it comes with 6.5 inch Infinite Display with 3 GB RAM and 64 GB inbuilt… Read More

BLU G91S Review, Specs, Pros & Cons - Launching Soon!

Check out unlocked BLU G91S review, price, release date, specifications, pros and cons. The BLU G Series is through an incredible Mission Impossible run with the launch of BLU G9, G9 Pro, G90, G90 Pro, G91, G91 Pro. It could be further expanded with the launch of new BLU G91S mobile phone. We have added this device to the upcoming BLU mobile phones list. The BLU G91S phone has got the Federal Communications Commission of United States aka FCC with the FCC ID YHLBLUG91S. The document is open to public view as well. Going through the BLU G91S specifications, it… Read More

BLU G9 Pro Specifications, Pros & Cons, Tips and Tricks

Check out BLU G9 Pro Specifications, Pros & Cons, release date, availability details, BLU G9 Price in US/UK/Canada. BLU Products after the launch of BLU G9 the BLU G9 Pro smartphone launch was expected very soon and it did happen. The device was spotted passing through FCC and it does is a flagship BLU phone. We will be going through the BLU G9 Pro specifications, pros, and cons here. For $199.99 price{{BuY NoW}}, it's not only an amazing Android handset but also the best phone under $200 budget. BLU G9 Pro Going through BLU G9 Pro specs full, it comes… Read More

BLU M8L Plus Reviews, Specifications, Pros & Cons

Check out BLU M8L Plus reviews, pros, cons, camera, features & full specifications. BLU Products is ready to launch the new tablet this year. Here is the BLU M8L Plus M0211WW, the successor of BLU M8 smartphone. This time, BLU Bold Like us brand is looking for upgrade in the BLU M series. This would be yet another entry-level tab competing with low-end tablets. This device will run on the latest Android 11 version and may not receive further Android updates. The device is manufactured in China, designed by BLU in Miami and will be limited for the sale in… Read More

BLU Advance A4 2019 Price in USA, Specifications, Pros & Cons

Check out BLU Advance A4 2019 price in USA/Canada/AUS, full specifications, pros and cons. BLU Products after launching the Bold Phone has launched Advance A4 2019. It's the successor to Advance A4 mobile phone which was unveiled a couple of years back. Priced at $39.99, it replaces its predecessor to be the best unlocked Android mobile under $40 and available on Amazon. Sadly it doesn't include 4G LTE connectivity as you have to deal with 3G 850/1700/1900 speed here. It's compatible with all GSM networks and will not work with CDMA networks across USA. You can know about US carrier bands… Read More

BLU J7L Pros & Cons, Specifications, Price in USA & Reviews

BLU has unveiled BLU J7L and here check out BLU J7L full specifications, pros & cons. BLU J7L is now official as the latest smartphone by BLU in the already popular J Series. It was just a couple of weeks ago that Miami based unlocked maker unveiled the flagship BLU Vivo XII mobile phone. The J7L is yet another budget Android Go Phone by BLU Products. It runs special Android Go apps which are optimized for speed and runs smoothly even on smartphones with low-end hardware. BLU J7L Specifications Display: 5.7 inch 720 x 1440 pixels touchscreen display Pixel Density:… Read More

BLU M7L - The Best Android Go Tablet Under $100

Are you looking for an Android Go Tablet under $100 budget? Here are the few options available. BLU M7L is the latest launch by BLU Products and this device can be termed as "Android Go mobile meets tablet" as this phone has got a 7-inch display, the entry size for a tablet. Technically it's termed as phablet i.e., phone + tablet = Phablet. The new BLU device definitely looks close to a tablet PC because it has got a thick bezel around the device display and it measures a 7.65-inch x 4.30 inch in size. It can also be termed… Read More

BLU Vivo X7 Release Date, Features, Pros & Cons

Check out BLU VIVO X7 price, release date, BLU Vivo X7 specifications, pros and cons. After launching Vivo X6 as the latest mobile phone in the Vivo Series, BLU Products has plans for the launch of the BLU VIVO X7. This mobile phone is expected to carry the brand value going forward to 2020 in the second half of the year. Still the Vivo XL6 is due to launch. BLU VIVO X7: Specs | Release Date | Features | Camera | Price We have put forward the complete BLU VIVO X7 specs here - BLU VIVO X7 Display Display: 6.4… Read More

TiGo Bold T5 Plus Specifications, Pros & Cons, Caracteristicas - Review

Check out Bold T5 Plus price in USA, release date, Bold T5+ specifications, Caracteristicas, pros and cons & Bold T5+ Review. Bold Products is looking forward to the second mobile in the BOLD and it could well be Bold T5 and T5 Plus. The Bold T5+ is now available through Tigo in Honduras. The company is also selling the Bold T5 mobile too. Both the latest Bold mobiles phones have been spotted passing through FCC. The Bold T5 Plus according to FCC listing has got a 2400 mAh battery and supports B2, B4, B5, B7, B28AB, and TDD B38 4G… Read More