BLU G71 vs BLU G61 Comparison by Specs

BLU Products has unveiled all new BLU Phones called BLU G71 and BLU G61. Both are the new smartphones in the G Series which have some flagship phones like BLU G9 Pro, BLU G90 Pro.

Among the upcoming BLU smartphones, we can expect BLU G91 but let us first go through these latest BLU phones comparison.

BLU G71 vs BLU G61

Here is the detailed comparison between the two devices -


As we see both the phones are near similar. The only difference that we see is in terms of the triple camera on G71 while the G61 has a dual rear camera. This makes G61 a bit cheaper than G71, however, no word has been said on both the phone's prices. Further, both devices have a different chipset, & similar displays.

So that's the BLU G71 vs BLU G61.