Do New Phones Have Warranty?

Do new phones have warranty? Sounds like a dumb or novice user question but more than once it was asked on our Tech Group on Facebook and here is my answer to it. New Phones Warranty New phone launch is now every day's story and BLU Products itself launches atleast a mobile phone every month. Most of them are budget devices suitable for consumers looking to buy mobile under $100 or $200. For consumers who buy a new device, it's important to know about its warranty and replacement terms and conditions. Normally company provides a warranty for defective material or… Read More

BLU F91 vs G91 Max Comparison by Specs, Camera, Features, Pros & Cons

A detailed BLU F91 vs G91 Max Comparison by specifications, camera, price wise, features, pros & cons. BLU Products makes unlocked mobile phones for sale in the North American market, especially in the United States and few for sale in Canada. Amongst the newly launched phone includes BLU F91, G91 Pro, and G91 Max and these devices are great examples of how good are the BLU Bold smartphones. Here we will be going through BLU F91 vs G91 Max comparison in detail by a display, camera, battery life, and features. The BLU Products is also known by other terms as "blue products phone"… Read More

SFone Wireless Free Phone Service from Government - Phones, Application

Check out SFone Wireless Free Phone from Government provider, compatible phones list, and Application status. A number of telecom networks in the USA exist and many of them have applied for inclusion to provide free cell phone service and they have got the license or approval from FCC. After Standup Wireless, Cintex Wireless & Assurance Wireless, SFone Wireless is yet another registered Affordable Connectivity program service provider. Through this article, we will learn about SFone Wireless's free phone service, how to get a free government phone, and other details. SFone Wireless SFone is a no-contract cell phone service provider that… Read More

Buy the Best 1 TB Memory Cards Online SanDisk, Samsung | 1TB MicroSD Cards Price List

Here you can check out the best 1 TB Memory Cards online from SanDisk, Samsung, and other sellers. We have come far in the development of technology and science. From big-sized and heavyweight phones of the 1990s to compact-sized mobile phones in 2022 with all features, the development is such that size has been decreased drastically and possibilities have increased gradually. A decade back when Android was launched, mobiles used to have 4 GB or 8 GB of inbuilt storage, and now we have mobiles with 128 GB, 256 GB and even there are mobiles with 512 GB ROM size.… Read More

How to get a Cintex Free Phone or Apple iPhone

In this guide check out how to enroll and get a Cintex free phone or Apple iPhone. Just like Assurance, Life Wireless & TruConnect, Cintex Wireless is one of the free cell phone service providers in America. Cintex Wireless works with the Lifeline assistant program to provide phone services to low-income households in Maryland, West Virginia Rhode Island, Maine, & Arkansas residents. This article deals with tips and tricks on how to get a Cintex free phone through the Lifeline Assistant program and other FAQs related to it. You may qualify for Cintex free cell phone or Cintex free iPhone… Read More

BLU C8 Specifications, Pros, Cons & Online Reviews

Check out BLU C8 specifications, price details, pros, cons, comparisons & online reviews. BLU, the BOLD Like us brand owned by Samuel Ohev Zion, comes up with many budgets and entry-level mobile phones. After BLU G61s, BLU G51s, and BLU G40, there is yet another device in the pipeline and it will be called the BLU C8 mobile phone. It will be the successor to BLU C7x mobile phone. The unlocked smartphone brand truly stands for BLU meaning. The latest C8 will be the newest phone in the C Series which is known for the very very entry-level phones. Quick… Read More

BLU G61S Review, Specs, Features, Pros, Cons

Check out BLU G61S review, specifications full, features, pros, & cons. BLU Products, after the launch of the G61, is getting ready for the launch of the G61S mobile phone. Basically, these are the low budget phones available at 100 bucks, and BLU continues its legacy for the year 2022 by launching new phones. The G61 was launched in February 2021 and this year it will be its successor. Going through BLU G61S specs, the device comes with a 6.5-inch HD+ display with Octa-core SoC, 3 GB RAM, and 64 GB inbuilt storage. Sorry but it doesn't run on the… Read More

Android 13 Update Tracker - List of Eligible Phones- Android 13 Beta 4

Here is what we know about the Android 13 update - Google's next update to the popular operating system for smartphones. UPDATE: Final Android 13 Beta 4.1 is now rolling out for a handful of devices & beta testers. It has become customary for Google to release an update to its Android, the popular operating system for smartphones that powers more than 80 percent of mobile phones sold in the world. After Android 12, the 2022 year will see the debut of Android 13, and speculations/rumors of what to expect in the next Android update have already begun to come.… Read More

BLU Dual SIM Phones & Triple SIM Mobiles

Here are the top unlocked BLU Dual SIM Phones you can buy. BLU Products is a well-established smartphone seller in the United States and often they come out with new phones in the market. You can also look at the BLU phone upcoming too. Here in this article, we will be going through BLU Dual SIM Phones. BLU Dual SIM Phones BLU Products has always unveiled the latest mobile phones with the latest software. These are the smartphones that come with dual SIM with dual standby and as such, they offer a great choice in selecting a network for you.… Read More

Choice Wireless Compatible Phones, APN, Replacement, Phone Number

Choice Wireless is a mobile service provider in the United States that offers free cell phone services to eligible customers under the Affordable Connectivity Program ACP (previously called the EBB program), Tribal Lifeline, & Standard Lifeline. It's a lifeline provider working in the states of Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado. They have titled themselves "The largest Rural 4G LTE Network in the West". They also offer broadband services by the name Choice Broadband, and Choice NTUA Wireless offers premier telecommunications with affordable, quality cell phone service to the North American region. It's a known provider for Navajo, the… Read More

BLU Meaning - What Does the Name BLU Mean

BLU Meaning: What Does the Name BLU Mean and what does it stand for? Many have used the BLU word, and it's only because online searching for all the "BLU meaning" is possible to know what exactly is the word BLU used. BLU Meaning: If you check out various dictionary sites online, they have given various details regarding the BLU word from grammar to the actual meaning of it. These articles are expanded just to complete the 200 or 300 words or the synonyms or antonyms. But does that search or merely knowing the synonyms or antonyms signifies what does… Read More

Newest Blu Phone 2022 | Latest BLU Phones Unlocked Launched

Newest Blu Phone 2022: Check out the newly launched smartphones by BLU Products in the United States, UK, and worldwide. BLU Products is one such OEM that launches the unlocked smartphone in the United States at regular intervals. Although we cover exclusive news for every mobile phone, smartwatch launch of the BLU brand, here we have gone through an exclusive list to determine (let you know) which are the latest BLU phones in the market. With the launch of Bold Phones, this list also becomes the new Bold mobiles phones list. Newest BLU Phone Looking for new BLU Phones unlocked… Read More

BLU Phones Review 2022 | Reviews for BLU Phones by Users

Reviews for BLU Phones: Check out the latest BLU Phones Reviews 2022 based on user feedback and opinions publicly. BLU Products is a Florida-based company and is one of the most popular unlocked smartphone sellers in the United States. People look out for reviews and public opinions before buying a smartphone, and the case is no different for the latest BLU Phones. BLU Phones Reviews: Looking for what is said in the title? Here are the latest BLU cell Phone reviews done by the users - BLU S91 Pro Bold N2 BLU Vivo XII Review Bold N1 Review BLU View… Read More

How to Root BLU Phones | 11 Best Android Root Apps 2022

Are you looking to root BLU Android phone? Here I have gone through the best Android root apps 2022 to achieve BLU phone root access easily. Android is an open-source mobile platform and it's regarded as one of the best features. Being open-source core, it allows anyone to build on and modify it giving birth to custom ROMs. A lot many companies like Cyanogen (now LineageOS), Resurrection Remix OS, AOSP Extended, Paranoid Android. Most of the time we have seen OEMs doing modifications on core Android on their phones. Like for example, OnePlus uses OxygenOS while Xiaomi's own modification of… Read More

BLU G91 FAQs - Cameras, Battery, Colors Options, Quick Charging

BLU G91 is unveiled as the latest BLU Bold like phone and we have already gone through device specifications, some of the best cases and here are the FAQs related to this newest BLU mobile phone. Display FAQs Design FAQs Camera FAQs Performance FAQs Battery FAQs Common FAQs So lets move on! BLU G91 Display FAQ Q : What is BLU G91 Display size? A⇒ BLU G91 comes with a 6.5 inches HD+ display size. Unlike Bold N1 which has an AMOLED display, this one is with Infinity Dot display. Q : What is BLU G91 Display Resolution? A :… Read More

TFW iPhone - TracFone Compatible iPhone Models

TFW iPhone: Check out the latest TracFone Compatible iPhone models & upcoming devices to expect. TracFone Wireless is one of the leading budget mobile network providers in the United States of America, owned by American Movil. Sometimes, Tracfone is known by its short name TFW. We have already gone through the compatible phones list, but several users on our Facebook page have asked many questions like does iPhone 14 work on TracFone? Which iPhone 13 model is compatible with TracFone. People have also searched for TFW iPhone i.e., looking for which iPhone model works on TracFone. Here, I have specifically… Read More